My Shining

"Everything is glittering, shining on me. That’s where I found my shining–I hope that one day I will be able to flight together in the never ending light–"

My Shining

Hello fellow people. Welcome to my wonderful lame tumblr.
Multi-Fandom blog. Lots of BL. (sfw)
I occasionally make gifs and fanart
Enjoy your time here! ^^ 

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Look which anime got into the top 5


home is where you are.

believe it



Things that make me happy. Rin’s short hair and Haru’s tiny mouth. Sousuke’s still getting his metal arm. He’ll be back in 2020.

*edited cause i was stupid enough to draw the rising sun flag. i’m really sorry for that, i don’t mean to offend anyone i was just following a certain design i saw…*

Autumn 2014 Anime Chart Version 3.0

What will you be watching?




this is going to kill my hand jfc why did i decide this was how I wanted to do the hair wh y 

here is a MUCH HAIR tip that will probably make your life %10 easier!

pick any brush u want and freely sketch yo hair


ctrl + click the hair layer to select it


increment by 1 or 2 depending how thick you like your lines


make a new layer under your hair layer


fill with desired color


I’m already almost done lining this hair monster but thank you so much for the tip I’ll use it the next time I draw shiroba!


it has been raining a lot, and it’s getting cold.